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Weather Symbols Concentration Images

The goal of the Weather Symbols Concentration game is not only to entertain, but to educate as well. Pictured below are all of the possible weather symbols you will encounter in this game along with a description of what each one represents on a surface weather map.

[Concentrate! image]Smoke

[Concentrate! image]Haze

[Concentrate! image]Dust whirls

[Concentrate! image]Dust storm

[Concentrate! image]Light fog

[Concentrate! image]Lightning

[Concentrate! image]Precipitation not reaching the ground

[Concentrate! image]Distant Precipitation not reaching the ground

[Concentrate! image]Thunderstorm

[Concentrate! image]Squalls

[Concentrate! image]Funnel cloud/Tornado

[Concentrate! image]Slight or moderate high blowing snow

[Concentrate! image]Fog or ice fog, sky not visible

[Concentrate! image]Fog depositing rime, sky visible

[Concentrate! image]Slight intermittent drizzle

[Concentrate! image]Moderate continuous drizzle

[Concentrate! image]Heavy continuous drizzle

[Concentrate! image]Slight intermittent rain

[Concentrate! image]Moderate continuous rain

[Concentrate! image]Heavy continuous rain

[Concentrate! image]Moderate or heavy freezing rain

[Concentrate! image]Slight intermittent snow

[Concentrate! image]Moderate continuous snow

[Concentrate! image]Heavy continuous snow

[Concentrate! image]Ice prisms

[Concentrate! image]Ice pellets or snow pellets

[Concentrate! image]Moderate or heavy rain showers

[Concentrate! image]Slight rain and snow showers

[Concentrate! image]Thunderstorm without hail, but with rain and/or snow

[Concentrate! image]Heavy thunderstorm with hail

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